Monday, June 28, 2010

told ya

Golly... now they have DOUBLED their foreCAST! Any friggen idiot could have seen that this was going to turn into Hurricane Alex... As this idiot did!

So now you wann know more... well... here ya go!

The RED arrow indicates another possible threat. While the WHITE arrow wiil be the catalyst to create MORE THREATS as well as continue to FEED the others!

The water temperatures of the GULF are FALSE! There is METHANE, Oil, TAR and other toxins that sit ON the surface that are MUCH MUCH hotter then their gages!

Ever walk out on a blacktop with bare feet on a HOT summer day.

WELL... the ASPHAULT volcano is making the GULF a GIGANTIC parking lot and a MASSIVE STEROID Pharamacy meant to pump up the Canes!

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  1. I've been following Alex all night. So far the "models" aren't doing so well. The storm center is currently tracking NNE (instead of NW), totally ignoring it's NOAA projected path. Also the system is intensifying at a greater speed than expected... Go figure! Should be Cat 1 by morning, likely Cat 2 within 12-24 hours thereafter.