Friday, June 25, 2010

Alex Approaches...

Above is the PREDICTED path of Alex made by the Weather Channel. I have been watching this storm for about a week now. They kept saying how strange it was to have such a depression so early in the season. I have watched it build then weaken... then... build then weaken.... It seemed as though it kept being fed with moisture and strength from South America. Almost as if it was riding the coast. The Weather Channel kept saying that they don't expect it to last... and that it is going to die down because of upper wind shears.... well... here it is.

I even made a video about it when it was first forming in Africa

As I noted in my previous blog... The Eastern and SouthEastern portions of the United States will be getting with major storms that EMINATE from Africa... Specifically, from the Ivory Coast region.... Where the Basilisk basks.

As noted, this current Storm began in Africa... But it will not be the last.

This is the current view of the Atlantic. As you can see great big swaths of moisture build up just as it passes over the Ivory Coast. This has been happening for at least a week now. This is a good site to view it... click the PLAY ANIMATION button...

There is a very good chance that another storm could develop and slam into North/South Carolina region.... I believe Alex will park itself over the Gulf and GAIN in strength... Probably wiping out all of the crappy ass efforts in the Gulf. As if they were doing anything anyway.

The media, Weather Channel, BP, Obama, Coast Guard, and any other form of authority in the United Satanists... have been compromised. Don't just trust what I am typing and reporting here. Research it yourself. See what this system does over the next three days... Especially Monday and Tuesday. If it gets bigger then their forecast... and you are in the Gulf region... pack a bag and head north for a few days... at least. Better to go in an orderly fashion then be a refuge in the hands of FeMA.....

And if you think the Weather Channel is honest... think again

More to come.

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