Sunday, September 25, 2016

All Time Giants Graffiti...

Thursday, August 4, 2016

All the way

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

 Old Skool Graffiti Hand Painted Denimz

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

9/11 ORB Gathering!!!

Are these "souls" of people that died on 9/11?

After shedding their flesh did they awaken to a new reality?

Did some gather in this nearby building?

Below is a photo of me (GalacticWacko) holding the original photograph.  You can see that it is legit.  My friend was the Iron worker that got me these photos...  I am unaware of any other copies and do not know where the negatives are... 

NEW 9/11 Photos!


Monday, July 26, 2010

W-Odin's and Saturn's Day

As you all are most unaware of... WeddingsDay is Woden's Day which is Odin... His sUn is Thor... Thor'sDay.... Tiw'sDay is Thor's Brother... as is Mars which is the Greek equivilant to Tyr or Tiw. That is BEEcause Thor is Jupiter which also happens to be Zeus.

G Zeus... Get it yet?

Thor's Birthday is December 25th... Saturnalia is celebrated for the week of the 25th....

Thus elements of Jupiter and Saturn are INfluentSing Oerth... Earth...

G Zeus' ARCH rival is the Serpent Satan (Shaitan).

Thor's (Zeus') is the Rainbow Serpent.

Quite a coinky dink don't ya think?

G Zeus was pierced by a Spear on the Cross.

G Zeus' father "god" sacrificed his only SUN for us... right?

Odin's(Saturn's) major weapon is the SPEAR!

Thus the fallen TERM... Spirit.

When Odin pushed his spear into HIS SON... he SpearedIt.

That is the antithesis of proper morality and a COMPLETE and TOTAL OBAMAnation...

Thus, the Serpent (Dan(h))... will rise to JUDGE... BEEcause DAN means JUDGE in hebrew.

All those that have NOT been able to see THEIR lies...

But worry not.

For thine grace is of the UTmost.

Tis the fallen and THEIR seed who shall fall even further.

We are out of ONE... many...

THEY are out of MANY... one.

This DIMENSION's mathmatics DICTATE the rules... There is NO other way in this realm. Evil and Good exist and meet at the extreme ends of the Serpent's tail. THEY are the same... HERE.

Thus, YOU must choose your path to come.

Whom will you take with you... in an etheric/telepathic way...

Can yo even fathom the reality of another realm?

Most likely... you can not.

That is because THEY control YOUR mind... if you understood what I said with great ease... then YOU control your mind. Of course, that must come with a level of trust. For do I control YOUR mind due to what you have read that I have written? Quite a parody... tis it not?

For these are MY thoughts... they SEE
For the MEEK shall inherit the NEW Earth...