Monday, May 31, 2010

MA Stikres again!

Israel raiding that ship was all part of a scrypt.

Why do I say that... because the name of the ship was the

MAvi MArMAra

"The high-seas confrontation was a nightmare scenario for Israel, which insisted its soldiers were simply unprepared for what awaited them on the Mavi Marmara"

That is due to the fact that the SHEEP... or HERD... was coming to PROTECT their brethren. Uncommon for a HERD to do that so effectively. How many times have you seen a baby wildabeast be eatin while hundreds of it's brethren sat within yards to watch. Humen are not sheep so long as they PROTECT the weak AND the young.

This event occurred very closely to June 1st. We will see if something happens on JUNE 1st... It MAY be a precursor to a much larger event only 20 days later.

This will be a good barometer for the possiblility of decoding actual planted cyphers and messages in this MAtrix.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pluto's plan?

Uh... Pluto has an ATMOSPHERE... it is NOT some cold frozen lifeless rock that just happens to have a MOON of its own! They call it TURNING red,,,

This is what it LOOKED LIKE...

wiki- "ORIGINALLY classified as a PLANET,"
notice how they have changed the pic... thay now show ya the NEW Pluto... and still say it aint a PLANNED Net...

whatever that means...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anubis... MaAt... and Princess DIE....

I am uploading this video here because the version on YoutUbe was not working.


NYC is due for something. Soon.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Part four of my Innerview.

B=2 P=16 621

Merkaba in this video.

6 points 2 triangles 1 HUman

After viewing the above video take a look at this pic of an image that appeared on one of my CDs about a year ago...

Was it my higher self sending me a message? Was it some other type of force? Whatever it was... it was unusual... especially to appear when I am going through so much researching.... and SEEKING.



Jupiter got whacked by something AS BIG AS EARTH! July 21, 2009.

A home-grown amatuer astronomer terrorist had to NOTIFY NASA about it... Golly! How could NASA have missed something AS BIG AS EARTH SMASHING INTO JUPITER! Wouldn't that mean that something NEW... Like a rogue planet... Just smashed into Jupiter? If it was a comet WE ALL WOULD HAVE SEEN IT with the naked eye... in the sky. We are talking about something as BIG AS EARTH here folks.
On the same day... Tom Watson almost had a lil miracle of his own at the British Open.... This article talked about how he used two two clubs called ADAM's Hybrids
I just threw that one in there because I keep seeing the word HYBRID all over the place nowadays.
Back to the show...

TEN MONTHS later it the RED GREAT EYE looses its ribbon... and now just floats on its own.
Here is a video about it
Talk about horrible coverage and absolute PROOF that NASA is a lying pile of monkey shiite!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Serpent Revealed?

Our Heliosphere is passing through a magnetic cloud that supposedly... SHOULD NOT be there...

Funny thing is... the strongest MAGNET on Earth has an approximate weight of 144. Remember, The 144,000 is the first group to be sealed and protected from what is coming (Rev. 7:3-8). Revelation 14 describes them as those who were "redeemed from the earth" (14:4). John says "they have not defiled themselves" (verse 4). The 144,000 follow the Lamb wherever he goes and "no lie was found in their mouths" (verse 5).

NEOdymium (Like the Matrix' NEO?)

Take a good look at the RIBBON in this pic... NOTICE.... It is GREEN and similar to a SERPENT Ouroboros...

I believe that this cloud is of the divine. It could very well be an ARCH Angel... Like Michael.... ( or )Battling the SERPENT... which is the giant green ribbon in the pic.

Thus, we may very well be having a rapture.... soon.

You may wonder... as I have... If something is being defeated far away... It will most likely retreat... into the LWA Dimensions... as we have here on Earth.

The VATiCAN... has had a telescope on Mt. Graham in AZ for years now. But did you know there is also ANOTHER telescope on that same mountain... of course... this one is just some "ITALIAN" research facility... The LBT... an infrared SPECTROscope.... that has recently been fitted with an item called LUCIFER...

Does anyone find that a bit odd? An ITALIAN telescope associated directly to LUCIFER... on the SaME mountain as the VAT i CAN? Perhaps they know something we do not... or do we now?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Angellic Realms....

My current research is leading me to review St.Issa... GZeus is a mockery of what the real MAN was and IS. The Lwas are the equivolent to Angels. Both are paths to the Creator. But we have the CHOICE. It is ours to make. I am new into the research... but what I am gathering points to Issa fleeing for his life from the Vedics (Indra)... Issa would tell Deepak Chopra to "sit down kid." The New Agers are trying to meld Issa with Jesus... When that is not true. Ben Creme stated that the MAitreya TOOK OVER the body of "Jesus" (really Issa) for three years. Right up to... but NOT including... his crucifixion. Issa had to feel ALL OF THAT. Then to cover up there tracks... they go right back to what they do best. Manufacture LIES. Issa is an Angel now. So is Michael. They are our friends. ALWAYS there to help you. However, they can only guide from a distance. They are NOT like Lwas. Lwas ARE SERVED... YOU WARk for them... and some are downright awnry.
The difference is... We have souls... Lwas do not... Angels DO! Thus, the LOA are stuck in the LOA dimensions. Misery loves company. One of their biggest lies is DEATH.... No such language in Angelic Realms. YOU need to be located IN a LOA dimension to experience that horror. What a terrible place for SOULS. If they only knew that THEY DO NOT DIE.... things would be different. Given a choice... an Angellic Realm is a far more fun and exciting and wondrous place to be.... Imagine experiencing that after about ONE second ago you thought YOU were gonna die... and WHAMMO! Angellic Realm.
Well... that's the thought process as of right now. It is subject to further review and scrutiny. As the research progresses the story may change a lil bit. But not much. I don't think.
Look up... Romans 6:21
is a wondrous
weapon THEY wield!
A good video about Symbolism
Part 2
Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh 'Elohíym... you decide:

Monday, May 3, 2010

LOA Dimensions...

Osama Bin LadenBarack Hussein ObamaJoseph Biden
Lightning HUEman net King MA
AirAttacking MA Bin LA Den (DAN)
MAhmoud ABBAS (means ABBOTT) Abbott was professor mentioned in Easter Quake 2010 wikiOBAMA's first phone call was to a head of state was ABBAS... The ABBOTT...
MAtrix... Trix are for kids... follow the white rabbit...
MAry MAgdelene... MA MA
MAhatMA... two-faced... look up definition of HAT
MArtin L. KING... MA KING...
OSA Optical Society of America 2010 MAssachusettes Ave
BI danLA dan
BALI 2002 Bali Bombings 202 killed 88 Australians
OSA-OBA Intel office for Bosnia Hertz...
9K33 Osa (SA-8 Gecko), a Soviet surface-to-air missile launcher M79 Osa, a Serbian/Yugoslav rocket launcher Avia B.122 Osa, a Czech trainer aircraft
Badan Intelijen Negara, (State Intelligence Agency), commonly referred to as BIN, is Indonesia's primary
intelligence agency
BAAL... is pronounced BAIL... also known as Hadad... and ZEUS
Iran President MAnmoud AhMAdinijad...
I tried to watch a video but only GO UPGRADE! came on the screen. I clicked it and it did not work... So I went
to Adobe because that was mentioned when I mosed over the GO UPGRADE thin... So I wnet to here it is
CS5 is here... Look at the SatURn symbol... See the 5?
CS5=9 3+19+5=27 or 3+1+9+5=18=9
luc I fer.. (lucem fer)
Jup I ter has a GREAT EYE....
Oba (goddess) ma ... WIFE of Shango... who happens to be the Yoruba God of THUNDER and LIGHTNING!
This goes right to the Queen and Prince Williams... I had a thought... what if Diana never was really killed...their crest... See the HARP in the flag?
OBA, was the wife of the God of THunder... Shango... Shango is venrated in HAITI and is praised as a very
powerful voodoo LAO... Nago(serpent) named...Xango..., of the Umbanda religion, who just happens to represent the
lightning bolt and whose ritual day is THuRSDAY... A Loa... (LOW wha) The Loa (also Lwa or L'wha) are the spirits of the Voodoo religion practiced in Haiti, and other parts of the
world. They are also referred to as Mystères and the Invisibles. They are somewhat akin to saints or angels in
Christianity[dubious – discuss] in that they are intermediaries between Bondye (Bon Dieu, or good god)—the Creator,
who is distant from the world—and humanity. Unlike saints or angels however, they are not simply prayed to, they
are served. They are each distinct beings with their own personal likes and dislikes, distinct sacred rhythms,
songs, dances, ritual symbols, and special modes of service. Contrary to popular belief, the loa are not deities in
and of themselves; they are intermediaries for a distant Bondye
They utilized SyncretismSyncretism is the attempt to reconcile disparate or contrary beliefs, often while melding practices of various
schools of thought. The term means "combining," but see below for the origin of the word. This may involve attempts
to merge and analogise several originally discrete traditions, especially in the theology and mythology of
religion, and thus assert an underlying unity allowing for an inclusive approach to other faiths.
So Zeus/Jove God of War/Jupiter/Thor/Xango/Deus/"G"Zeus/Jehovah God of Armies is a LAO... He is akin to an
Angel... Like Michael... the Arch Angel... But not. Michael may be something other than an Arch Angel... see:
Definitely not the creator of all... but a significant foe. To have been able to continue existing in this way
for soooo long... under various names... a very slick and sinister element... Another "go between"...
OBAma Oba was the first wife of SHANGO... who was venerated in the UMBANDA voodoo religion... in HAITI as a LAO NAGO...
Xango. He represents LIGHTNING and THUNDER... day of ritual is THURSDAY... A LAO NAGO is a SERPENT SPIRIT...
Equivilant in rank as an Arch Angel... like Michael. It can possess a human that allows it to. Unlike Michael...
who is prayed to... LAO NAGO are SERVED. This LAO NAGO has disguised itself as GOD for MUCH if not all OF
MANKIND's HISTORY.... Zeus is Jove God of War... Jehovah is known as the GOD of ARMIES... "G"Zeus... and SATAN

(Shango)... "G"Zeus that Christians WARSHIP too when they could just pray to Michael . The OLLUDOMARE... is indifferent to the affairs of MANKIND... There is much much more.... it is boggling my mind... but it is quite exciting... gonna be a fun one... And
feel free to use any of this email into your newsletter...
GUATAMA BUDDA... lived 2500 years ago. FREDA as in FREYA Odin's wife... Ezruile just happens to be an Ogoun's wife.
MAn woMAn
Arthur-Merlin protocol 2/3 right 1/3 wrong coin flip
Indra is a Hindu God of War with a weapon called ?... shoots lightning bolts. He is consideredc to be the
equivilant to Zeus and Thor... and Dionysis.. which is Bacchus... #9 Brees played him in a voodoo parade after
the SuperBowl. Zorastrian religion believes Indra to be an ARCH DEMON... which directly connects him toe the LOA
NAGO Xango...
Zorastrian Hypostasis ANGRA MAINYA (evil spirit) aka AHRIMAN (destructive spirit)... antithesis to Ahura Mazda's
Spenta Mainya
Zorastrianism is protected in Iran... it rejects MONASTICISM... giving up all worldly possessions to follow a
spiritual path.
NAGA TOWERS in GIFT city, India...The symbolism attached to the Naga is extensive. The coiled body of the serpant rising represents the symbolic
rising of the Kundalini, or spiritual energy, and the many heads represent a manifold seemingly disparate
perceptions of reality actually unified in form, and the the hooded head represents the mastery emotion and
materialism. Spread with Buddhist and Hindu SYMBOLS... THus it is not of the creator. NAGA need to be served...
they are DEMONS and ARCH DEMON is Xango/Indra/Thor/etc..
The inspiration doesn’t end there, as the Naga “concept of duality and contradiction is represented in the double
motif that eventually join to make one building.” It will be among the tallest and most striking towers in GIFT’s
80+ skyscraper skyline.
JUPITER MILLS, Mumbai India ]... crazy ass skyscrapers.India Mumbai... designed by FOX aND fowle.. In MArine lines.
Angels consider us equals and no one WARships anyone... because they are the ONE.... and so are you. Michael is
the Arch Angel that will come down a swingin... could be Stuie Wildes Dawn Trader as well... Could be that the
GZeus everyone wants could actually come down for a thousand years... but what of Michael?
Here is a video I just did about MA... the follow up will be AM .. as in WILLiAM, etc...
Lately, I have really been examining what JESUS means... to me... it looks and sounds aalot like GZeus... which
would make sense because in Revelations it clearly states the devil will deceive the entire earth. If Christians
make up 35% of the Earth's population... how could they NOT be deceived? In addition, it is MICHAEL that slays
the dragon... But curiously, shortly after that GZeus comes to reign for a thousand years (I think). The MAitreya
Project is currently being built and is being made to last 1000 years:
v=PoTST0aB_M8&playnext_from=TL&videos=LAT2f378Zn0 The Dalai LaMA is part of the devil's plan. So is the ObaMA...
Do a little research into OBA and you will be lead right to Shango... or Xango... who is a LOA... (0r a LOA
NAGO (Serpent Spirit). Shango ties directly with Haitian voodo and they compare the LOA Nago as being that are to
be served and worshipped... whereas Angels like Michael require nothing of the sort. Throw that in with how
obvious it is that the Bible has been tampered with and it begins to make sense. Satan is the FATHER of lies...
why not LIE to us about GZeus so that IT is worshipped whichever way you turn? Thus, if Jesus did exist... he
MUST have gone by a different name... and NAMES mean ALOT! You SPELL a name with WORDS... WARDS... Sorcerers
cast SPELLS... in the UNI-verse... One Word... or Phrase...
Shango is the demon of Thunder and Lightning... his day of ritual is Thursday.. Thor'sDay... Just like Thor who
is Jupiter,Jove,Deus,Indra,Zeus. Thus, the SAME demon has been taking different guise over THOUSANDS of years!
Jove could be Jehovah... read a bible in latin and they refer to god as Deus! Thor is linked to Iceland
(volcanoes) Denmark (Mark of Dan=Copenhagen) Norway (Spiral) Sweden and the British Isles... (Will I AM)...
In conclusion, i believe prayers to Michael would be much more beneficial... but I am not always right... so I
reach out to you.

that Easter quake on 4.4.10 was the 42nd anniversar of MArtin Luther King's assassination.... quite

Also, Annubis crooses the East river...
Notice the Statue of Liberty... in the background. That is a link to MAAT... who is Isis and Inanna... or
Dana... Danu... DIANA!
The new NICKelodeon SOAP OPERA for kids is HOUSE OF ANNUBIS!
Many pieces are being moved. It is tough to keep up with all of the information pouring in. It's all so
interconnected... like a web. If you jump in too much ya get all caught up in it. But from a brid's eye view...
Things are gonna be getting quite interesting.
MAat's feather is weighed against the heart of the deceased by Annubis... if the heart weighs more or less...
then the demon AMmit eats it and the soul goes to Duat aka TUAT. Looks alot like the TUAThas Da Danaan... The
children of Dan. The elves in Lord of the Rings.... RETURN of the King williAM..
AMmit in known as the "Devourer of Souls"... Sounds like a good thing for the kids to naively support... huh?
Crazy stuff... huh?

LOA are demons in the voodoo religion.... Xango (Shango) is a LOA NAGO.... NAGA is a seprent lady... NAGO must
indicate male. Haitian voodoo seems to be a key to deciphering what is going on... "the African slaves in Haiti
syncretised the Loa with the Roman Catholic saints" see LOA See SHANGO Shango was the equivilant of the Arch Angel Michael. Notice
his day of ritual was Thor'sDay and he is symbolized by lightning and thunder.... Now jump to Indra od Hinduism...
Another thunder and lightning character of the Hindu trinity.... Shiva currently welcomes people at the front
door of CERN see CERN's logo clearly has 666 (see Zoarastrians believed Indra to be an ARCH-demon! Thus making a
connection between Shango and Indra. Both Arch Demons and both associated with Thunder and Lightning! This MUST
mean that Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Jove, Deuce, etc... are all either the same Arch Demon or different ones... NOT
GODS at all! They CREATE NOthing yet run around claiming credit. This would explain how the Devil has deceived
the entire world... At this point, war broke out in heaven. Michael with his angels attacked the dragon. The dragon
fought back with his angels, but they were defeated and driven out of heaven. The dragon (the primeval serpent
known as the devil or Satan, who had deceived the world) was hurled down to the earth and his angels were hurled
down with him. See Rev. 12:7Indra: This linked shows Shango and THOR are affiliated with Indra
If the Devil HAS deceived the entire world... and 33 percent are Christian , how can the Bible or Christianity NOT be misleading in
some way? It is all very simplistic. Publicly destroy Christianity... has two effects.... makes them deepen
their faith or leave their faith. Either way... the Devil has em! These RE LEGIONS are SaTANIC! But being an
athiest is just as bad... No belief at all...After the Devas defeated the DANAvas.... INDRA locked the DANAvas up in the deep oceans forever... That would be
a Syncreticised version of MICHAEL locking up the Dragon/theDevil! But INDRA is a DEVIL! And MOST likelt the
DANAva leader! Notice DAN in Indra and RAIN... as in RAINMAN... as in the demon possessed MnM ans JZ...
I do not believe it wise to have ANY middle man between YOU and the CREATOR... NOt a Priest, Rabbi, Imam,
Muhammid, Budda or Jesus! I also believe the Creator to be FUN and very HAPPY! We DO NOT DIE! We CAN NOT DIE!
We either escape this cube to attain a higher being or we are forced to live it over and over and over again....
UNTIL... we do.... God Dog.... tooo similar... Thus, I think the entire word should be scrapped. I like
Creator.... I believe in establishing a DIRECT LINK to the creative forces... This keeps me strong for I am not
relinquishing my sovereign rights and an evolving soul to a malevolent being that NEEDS to be served and
WORSHIPPED.... that is what the LOA require.... Angels do not... thus, praying to Angels could be helpful....
just so that the proper Angels are being prayed too.
Did you see Imaginarium of Dr. ParnAssus? TOTAL MASONICism! In it you see Princess D on the river in a boat with
Anubis at the front of it! Just like my Tuat video! I am currently reviewing and getting footage for a new video.
Did that help?
Old Nick means DEVIL.... Council of Nicaea... NICaEA.... EA is also Enki.... or Nike.... NIKKE is dutch for
DEVIL.... Jesus in DUTCH is Jezus... ZEUS... which is Thor... who's Bday is Dec.25th.... NICaEA is now called
IZNIK.... IsNick.... get it? Problem is.... when you have the rug pulled out from under you.... and you
realize it is all a crock of crap.... it feels a bit lonely... for what is it then? What is the truth? For
me... the truth is SEEKING the TRUTH.... that is the journey.... and I do not believe their is a destination...
just a journey... I have reclaimed my sovereign soul's right of independence from this sphere. Individuality over
the HIVE mind of Satanically inspired RE-Legions of the Damned. Worship and Serve the LOA... Or become a being of
light with your brethren in creative imagination.
Lwas and Nanchons.... Laws and Nations.... Voodoo demons from Africa... Benin region of Nigeria and/or West
Africa. BATTERIE... Petwa Batterie of DRUMS... RADA batterie of DRUMS.... Like a BATTERY of artillery making
BOOM BOOM BOOOMS!!! They are SERVED. The LOA NAGO are very militant.... harsh and not fun. Xango is a LOA
[edit] Lwas and nanchonsVodou rites are done to call upon spirits, called Lwas, for their aid, instruction, special powers and strengths.
Lwas are ancestral spirits who have become abstracted through the generations to become embodiments of certain
principles or characteristics. A great feast is often prepared to entice the Lwas to attend. Practitioners of the
religion wear white clothes and are assisted by Ougan and Manbo (male and female Vodou priests, respectively) to
become “possessed” by the Lwas. Through singing, dancing, and particularly the music of the drums, spirits come to
“ride” their mortal hosts. The analogy of someone riding, and thereby controlling, a horse is given as an
explanation of this phenomenon. The word Chwal (from the French cheval) is used to describe one who is “being
ridden”. Spirits impart wisdom and direction through their chwals for the servants of the faith.
The Lwas are divided up into several nanchons (from the French nations), families of spirits from the same ethnic
group and/or serving a similar function. The most prominent nanchons are Rada, Nago, Djouba, Petwo (also written
Petro), Kongo, Ibo, and Gède. Traditionally each one of these nanchons would have had particular rites, rhythms and
adherents. They even would have had their own drums that were unique to that nanchon to call upon it’s lwas. These
drum sets are known as Batterie (from the French for “set of drums”). Today, due to economic constrictions and
social and geographic changes, the drums from the Rada batterie are the most common, with the Petwo drums also
Below is an overview of the several nanchons, the qualities and origins of their laws, and the rhythms and dances
associated with their rites.
Rada - The laws of this nanchon are strong, but benevolent, balanced in their treatment of their servants. These
are the most revered spirits, and many Vodou rituals begin with adulations for them. They originate from the Fon
people of Dahomey (present day Benin). In Fact, the word Vodou comes from the Fon word for “God”. There are many
lwas in this group. To name a few: Papa Legba – Guardian of the Crossroads; Marassa – twin spirits who represent
childhood; Dambala – the serpent spirit who represents energy and life; Ezili Freda – spirit of love and
femininity; Lasirèn – mistress of the sea and music. Rhythm and dance styles played for the Rada nanchon include:
Yanvalou, Parigol, Zepol, Mahi, Fla Voudou and Daomé.
Nago - The lwas of this nanchon represent power. Its members embody attributes of warriors and leaders. They
originate from the Yoruba people of south-western Nigeria and are closely associated with Ogun (sometimes written
Ogou), the Yoruba Blacksmith-God. The lwas in this group have names starting with Ogun, like Ogun Fèray and Ogun
Badagri. As such, they are represented by steel and fire. The Nago rites are replete with military imagery. These
spirits give masculine, fatherly council and support. The rhythm and dance style associated with these rites is
also called Nago.
Djouba - The lwas of this nanchon are connected to cultivation and farming. They personify peasants, both in
appearance and manner. It is surmised that this nanchon comes from the island of Martinique. The principal lwa for
this group is Azaka. The rhythms and dance styles associated with this nanchon are Djouba (Matinik) and Abitan.
Petwo - The lwas of this nanchon are aggressive, demanding, quick and protective. The origins of this nanchon are
unclear, but many believe them to be the spirits of the original slaves and Haiti’s indigenous people (The Taino –
almost completely wiped out after European contact), a sort of “home-grown” family of spirits. These spirits were
called upon during the slave revolts beginning in 1791 which ultimately lead to the defeat of Napoleons troops in
1803 and independence in 1804. The name might be derived from a slave priest of mixed African and Spanish Blood
name Don Pedro who was one of the rebellion’s leaders. One of the lwas in this nanchon bears his name (Jean Petwo).
Another, Ezili Danto - sister to Ezili Freda in the Rada nanchon - is a spirit of love, but with a penchant for
violence or revenge. The rhythm and dance styles associate with Petwo include Petwo, Makiya, Bumba, Makanda, and
Kongo - The lwas of this nanchon are ancestors of the Bantu people of the Congo river basin. These spirits are
gracious, and enjoy song and dance. In fact, music played for the Kongo nanchon is unique in that it is also
popular in secular settings. In vodou worship houses called Tanpes (from the French temple) dolls representing
these spirits are displayed adorned in brightly coloured clothing. Sprits include Kongo Zando and Rwa Wangol. The
rhythm and dance style associated with this nanchon goes by the same name.
Ibo – The lwas of this nanchon are from the Ibo people in south-eastern Nigeria. Their chief attributes are pride,
to the point of arrogance, and are difficult to satisfy. These sprits preside over sacred items called Kanari, clay
pots in which the soul of the initiate is said to reside during ritual possession. The best know lwa of this group
is Ibo Lélé (the chatterer). The rhythm and dance style associated with this nanchon also goes by the same name.
Gède - The lwas of this nanchon are the spirits eroticism and death. More accurately they control the cycle of
death and life. They are represented by figures in black with white faces. They are also tricksters. The most
famous lwa of this nanchon is Baron Samedi. He is macabre, obscene and lives in cemeteries. Other lwas include Gède
Nibo, Baron Lakwa and Gède Zarien. The Vodou ceremony almost always ends with the rites for Gède nanchon. The
rhythm and dance style associated with this nanchon is called Banda.
While these seven nanchons all have their distinct attributes, in a more general way the nanchons are divided into
two branches, each of which takes its name from one of the nanchons within it. While there is no consensus on this
point, it can generally be argued that the Rada branch includes Rada, Nago and Djouba, and the Petwo branch
includes Petwo, Kongo, Ibo and Gède. Some people place Djouba under the Petwo Branch, and some others consider the
Kongo branch its own entity. For the purposes of drumming, we will use the two-branch differentiation, as rhythms
most rhythms being played in non traditional contexts today use either the Rada or Petro batterie. In Yoruba mythology, Ogun is a primordial Orisha whose first appearance was as a hunter named Tobe Ode. He is said
to be the first of the Orisha to descend to the realm of Ile Aiye (the earth) to find suitable habitation for
future human life. In commemoration of this one of his praise names (Oriki), is Osin Imole or the "first of the
primordial Orisha to come to Earth". Ogun was most likely first worshiped by the Yoruba people of West Africa. He
is worshiped in places like Ekiti, Oyo and Ondo States. He is believed to have (wo ile sun) which means to sink
into the ground not to die, in a place named Ire-Ekiti. Through out his entire life he fought for the people of
In Dahomey mythology, Gu is the god of war and patron deity of smiths and craftsmen. He was sent to earth to make
it a nice place for people to live, and he has not yet finished this task.

A LOA is a spirit forth that is called forth. LOAS have different characteristics and MUST be served. The particular LOA that is ruling now are the LOA NAGO.... very warlike and millitaristic. Repressive LOAS (laws)...

The LOA are then grouped into 7 groups called NANCHONS.... NAGO being one of those types of LOA.... but ALL are SERVED.... you WORK for them.

"We are a NANCHON of LOAS"

As above so below. Our LAWS represent the SPIRITs of the NANCHON.

So what to do?

Well... volunteering for SirVice of a Nanchon doesn't seem to fun. afterall, what THAY say goes... That is the LOA (low-uh) Dimension...

There are Angelic dimensions.... that do not have a place called DuatCity... nor does it contain the poison swill of DUALity... There is no Sir Vice in the phonebook....

Perhaps you would like to add to the conversation... ?

Remember, be SIRIUS.