Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Way Out and the PAINting

Below is a letter I wrote to a fellow researcher. Some of my posts are all just that... different letters put together to make a story.

Cool flick.

Sitchin is weird. But I will give him some credit though. He often states that he "is speculating" and that it is their conclusion because of the evidence he has seen. The info he presents could be part right... but the part wrong could very well be a bit misleading. Like the whorganzied re-legions do. Take ya so far then drop ya off at the side of the road. At first I bought it all. But then I began to see through the haze and realize there is no total truth in a book. It is material... thought is pure. Thus, some of the Babel Koran Torah or whatever ya like.... has been tainted with in some way to misdirect. That Genesis quote where it says LET US create man in OUR image..... Seems like they planted themselves right at top of the Old Nick tree... and to me... that would be the negative thought entities... the LWA Nago... Serpent Spirits able to possess the properly calibrated genetic code human... the BLOODLINEs... the Monarchy....

I like your enthusiasm. To me... there are only weeks left until TOTAL hell breaks loose.... Thus, I had a beautiful day with my children. I really felt the soul of life. Once I looked into the abyss... the gulf.... I looked in and said thank you. This material world is a complicated brainfuck to evolved intellect. Reconnecting thru the etherNET... past the agents of the Lwa... and their... jury'sDICKshun. Friggen perverts. Make deals with them and YOU ARE stuck here. But I believe that there is a way to use them to our advantage. Come in the name of the Creator. Do so with an inquisitive tone. COMPLETELY sincere... the oracle can see right into your soul. One MUST seek the Creator. That is the proper translation of SEEK AND YEE SHALL FIND... THIRST AND IT SHALL BE QUENCHED... We are typing SOULful elixirs of life here. The fallen STOPPED believing in the creator and whenever something popped up that was of the Creator... they utilized their knowledge of the CabBALLISTIC sacred numerology. The code of the enigma was held by them. They know how to duck the pendullum as it returns. Thus the cycles of creation and destruction... live a life of war... die.... come back and fight some more. It is a rebellious code. Yahuwshua was one that found a way to directly connect while living.... I believe that when he was Issa... after he fled the Vedics for denouncing their trinity... learned form the Budda... and took it the next step. That's why Buddhism Christianity and the rest of the whores were hijacked and redesigned to keep the sheep in the pen.

Stare at the sun sometimes... Today I was able to look straight at it with no clouds. It did not hurt me. Me and my son were playing catch when it was cloudy. Then the sun came out and I rushed into the shade. My son said that the sun gives us energy... it doesn't hurt. When I went back into the light... I did not feel its radiant heat as before. And the sun wasn't making me squint... It was TOTALLY surreal after that. So much so that I cried a little when we started playing catch again.

There are far greater forces then these Nephilim at work here. I believe the Creator has taken a personal interest in setting things right. Be part of the remnant...

I don't worry as I used to.


Below is a photo of a painting that I won bidding on Ebay several years ago... the winning bid was UNDER .20 cents.... I view it as a map of the USA to come... the foreground showing a flood on the East Coast... then as you get to the other side you can see the lights of HolyWood and destroyed buildings.... Notice... something is coming out of the HEARTland....

You will also notice the rainbow in the sky being represented as a reflection on the Earth. I believe this is the approach of some sort of cosmic energy... a cosmic wave if you will. Could it be a part of the magnetic cloud I mentioned in a previous post... The Arch Angel Mikial (Michael)... perhaps his wing? This would make sense if Mickael defeats the dragon... as is mentioned in Revelations... That could be why the LBT on Mt. Graham... next to the Pope Scope... has a new attachment called Lucifer... if Michael cast him out of our Heliosphere... I suppose he must come here. That would explain the strange lights in the sky and the Norway and Australian spirals... The cosmic wave may very well pass through the etheric as well. Perhaps the etheric first... then the material. Lucifer must know the fight is pointless.... but if you were facing an ass beating of the Creator kind.... well... you would be running and digging tunnels yourself... blowin shit up... causing chaos and confusion.

The good news is that once these fallen... that are falling once again... get there time of destruction... the Angels will then begin appearing in the skies and making their own spirals... of course... their's will be far greater in number and vast in superiority. Sadly, many of the HUE will join and fight with the negative entities. They will be brought to such a depth of despair they will cling to anything that seems to be a life raft... only to find out they grabbed onto an alligator... at times.

Pray to Michael for protection.... Pray to Raphael for health and HAPPINESS... Pray to Uriel to make your heart sing... therein waits your immortal soul... the connection to your HIGHER self.

To me...

all in the name of Yahuwshua... (the one they call Jesus)

That is where I believe the Devil has DECEIVED the ENTIRE World... as mentioned in Revelations. How could the Devil have deceived the entire world when one third of it are so-called CHRISTIANS?

I don't think he can... unless something is wrong or has been manipulated in the scriptures themselves. That statement in Revelations:

And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. Rev 12:9

That is where I have put my trust into a total strange that I feel has done the research... I have read his position... and agree that the proper name for Jesus... is Yahuwshua...

This matches my other conclusion that NETanYAHU is one of or is the Anti-Christ... actually... he would be an Anti-YAHUwshua... You can also see it within his name...

Syzygy... my numeroligical experience with BiBi

Get it?

here is a link to the researcher I am talking about

Let me know if you find something about THIS subject abit amiss...

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