Monday, June 28, 2010

told ya

Golly... now they have DOUBLED their foreCAST! Any friggen idiot could have seen that this was going to turn into Hurricane Alex... As this idiot did!

So now you wann know more... well... here ya go!

The RED arrow indicates another possible threat. While the WHITE arrow wiil be the catalyst to create MORE THREATS as well as continue to FEED the others!

The water temperatures of the GULF are FALSE! There is METHANE, Oil, TAR and other toxins that sit ON the surface that are MUCH MUCH hotter then their gages!

Ever walk out on a blacktop with bare feet on a HOT summer day.

WELL... the ASPHAULT volcano is making the GULF a GIGANTIC parking lot and a MASSIVE STEROID Pharamacy meant to pump up the Canes!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The GULF Asphault Volcano!

Seems that the best evidence indicates we are dealing with an Asphault Volcano. The video below explains it very well... no PUN intended...

Here is an excerpt from a National geographic Article:

Some, like ones recently discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, are even active. "I think there are [also] some in the Caspian Sea, the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and perhaps the Persian Gulf," Lorenson said.

Looks like they are lookng to take out some broke black people and some old white people with this false flag attack. Throw in a few hurricanes to cause some more casualities and good morbid video for the Satanic Citizenry.... and you have yourself quite a profit.

Here is another article about Asphault Volcanoes

More to come...

Alex Approaches...

Above is the PREDICTED path of Alex made by the Weather Channel. I have been watching this storm for about a week now. They kept saying how strange it was to have such a depression so early in the season. I have watched it build then weaken... then... build then weaken.... It seemed as though it kept being fed with moisture and strength from South America. Almost as if it was riding the coast. The Weather Channel kept saying that they don't expect it to last... and that it is going to die down because of upper wind shears.... well... here it is.

I even made a video about it when it was first forming in Africa

As I noted in my previous blog... The Eastern and SouthEastern portions of the United States will be getting with major storms that EMINATE from Africa... Specifically, from the Ivory Coast region.... Where the Basilisk basks.

As noted, this current Storm began in Africa... But it will not be the last.

This is the current view of the Atlantic. As you can see great big swaths of moisture build up just as it passes over the Ivory Coast. This has been happening for at least a week now. This is a good site to view it... click the PLAY ANIMATION button...

There is a very good chance that another storm could develop and slam into North/South Carolina region.... I believe Alex will park itself over the Gulf and GAIN in strength... Probably wiping out all of the crappy ass efforts in the Gulf. As if they were doing anything anyway.

The media, Weather Channel, BP, Obama, Coast Guard, and any other form of authority in the United Satanists... have been compromised. Don't just trust what I am typing and reporting here. Research it yourself. See what this system does over the next three days... Especially Monday and Tuesday. If it gets bigger then their forecast... and you are in the Gulf region... pack a bag and head north for a few days... at least. Better to go in an orderly fashion then be a refuge in the hands of FeMA.....

And if you think the Weather Channel is honest... think again

More to come.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The doGgess

This female dog is just a part of the ObamaNation as our British Citizen so-called President!
Yet the article points out how she APPEALS to Chrsitians!
Notice the date... June21 2010

And if there was any doubt as to the truth when Lucifer spoke to Yahuwshua and said about the kingdoms of the world....

"All this I will give you," he said, "if you will bow down and worship me." mt4:8

Just have a looksie at the Medal of Honor of the United States of AMerica

That... my friends... is a PENTagram with Minerva in the middle and she is part of the CAPITOLINE Triad (trinity). As you can see from the picture below.... LucemFer... was NOT kidding!

And who is part of that TRINITY?
Which is just another name for Lucifer... as is Satan... as is Jah... as is Allah... as is Xango... as is Jahbulon... as is Indra and so on and so on...
LORD and GOD are demonic as well.
GOD in latin means DEUS... which is just another name for ZEUS... aka Lucifer!
LORD is a dominating evil word that is also another name for BAAL.
And what country has LORDS...
In Revelations it states:
This great dragon--the ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world--was thrown down to the earth with all his angels. Rev12:9
How can the DEVIL deceive the whole world if the SCRIPTS of UR have NOT been tampered with? There are over ONE BILLION CHRISTIANS in the WORLD... What part of WHOLE do you NOT inner-stand? (Thanks to a guy named Sevan for that term).
It's like calling the Gulf tragedy a SPILL...
Except the third... that's it's intention. But that is not what is meant. A SPILL falls out of something... In the Gulf... things are SPEWING... asin VOLCANO!
So when the Devil decieves the WHOLE EARTH... That does NOT mean 2/3!
more to come.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reptile Reality

I find it quite funny how most RElegions accept the fact that the SERPENT... Sir Pent(agram)... get it? is the Devil... Satan... LUSIfer... Baal... Jahbulon...

the Jabulani is the BALL for the WHIRLED Cup... Sorcerers WHIRL their WANDS... Or cast spells from ley lines in various parts of the PLANNED NET... of souls. One such area is in the Ivory Coast... BASILICA of Our Lady of Peace... A Basilisk is the KING of SirPENTagrams

Jabulani Ball.... Jahbulon BAal.... get it?

Was the Khazar king that converted his people to Judaism... Thus, when Issa spoke of JEWS THAT ARE NOT JEWS... that was who he was talking about. Most of today's Jews are Khazars... The Tribe of DAN... DNA... Serpent shells made for possession. Those are the Sorcerers...

Now add the false Jews and their leader NET AN YAHU... or ANTE YAHU wshua N
It looks pretty darn convincing that IsisRaEL aint exactly what they claim to be. Don't mean to offend... Just reporting some observations.

So here we have one of the LARGEST Churches in the WHIRLED located in West Africa... just sittin there... ?


It is an active energy conduit the Sorcerers use to enhance their spells.... Just like the MILITARY GRADE weapon you have in your home right now... ComCAST VerZion... Telepathic MIND CONTROL folks. Here is a SEPRENT's EYE view

Notice the energies increase as they pas over the Basilisk... roughly indicated by the arrown... around the intense weather formations. That is where our major storm threat will eminate.

That design folks is Sacred GeoMaitreya in your face. Problem is... the ones with the knowledge... the 13 families that sold out...their LUCIferianist goat followers.... demons and fallen angels... are far from SACRED... The most sacred is the SOUL inside OUR HEARTS... The MAyans were known for tearing those right from live innocence. They were SERPENT WARshipURs... as well...

YET... when one speaks of Reptillians they are still shrugged off as crackpots... lol

I will now prove who the crackpot is.

You see... the SERPENTS... Fallen Angels.... Demons.... currently exist in another dimension... to them... it IS a reality... as real as your surroundings are to you RIGHT NOW. ... fell...

These serpentine spirits (LWA NAGO) could exist in the an etheric realm that borders our own. When one is possessed their iris may actually become serpentine in shape... As in this photo still taken of a video from youtube. They claimed to be with the FBI but did not have government plates on their vehicle....

Further proof is seen ALL OVER HOLYwood and the MUSEsick inDUSTtree.... As can be seen in Heath LEDGEur's last known painting which demonstrates the OCCULT ritualistic black magic nature of his last film.

And yes... they can become voices in your head... ESPECIALLY, if you hold one of their ENCHANTED items... Like Music and Films and Guns and Knives and pretty much anything associated with vice and fear and sadness and loss. Often times our own minds.

On their way down they lit a trail of destruction... They also were allowed to hang on to some extent. .Remember they were Angels... one was An ARCHAngel.... That is some serious shiite. ARCHAngels are of the Creator... They KNOW Sacred Geometry because they were here from the beginning of Creation. Thus, when they were hurled from the Higher Dimension of Heaven... they were thrown down... TO HERE... and below. They knew the LAW... we must give it with our freewill... they then can take it... Albeit cruel and destructive... They tempt the HUE... us... the light beings... because they ARE JEALOUS OF US.... You see... WE CAN go to heaven... if we so choose. They can not. To make things worse.... they have a major leaguue ass-whoopin headed their way... Even more of them are on their way down from the Heavens... They are retreating... from Yahweh Yahuwshua (biblical Michael). Their time is just about up. And there is NOthing they can do about it... So they will do everything they can to destroy what is left of the Garden by telepathically controlling our minds... enslaving our etheric soul.... and dragging us down with them.


Misery Loves Company

That simple.

Sitchin is an interesting character... Many just toss his work aside... I have a different approach. I look at MAaterial like a buffet for my to DIGEST... (readers digest/food for thought) Althoug, he is wrong about their next arrival date... It is funny... knowing what I know... I still couldn't believe what I seeing in the Fourth Kind... now that is MIND CONTROL at it's best. They even made it SEEM to be real... Problem with that was... they neglected to mention that you have the power to cast them out of your presence yourself... or with a lil help from an Angel... just ask and you shall receive... Knock and the door (to heaven) will be opened. But you heart and minds cannot vibrate at certain frequencies... Atreu could not get past the Oracle... if his heart was not pure.

Take a look at Tiger Woods... that was when ENKI arrived... maybe even in Tiger... who knows... His two sponsors are EA and NIKE.... EA is ENKI.... According to Sitchin Enki was a pervert... he banged his own sister... A common theme amongst the Annunaki... which has been transferred to their genetic hybrid lineage... the ROYAL BLOOD...

What... a coincidence... c'mon with that... You might as well stop reading now because ALL of my research IS COINCIDENCE.

Thus, the Annunaki (fallen ones)... ARE NOT THE ONES THAT CREATED US... However, they did genetically modify us to be more like them. THEY WANTED TO FEEL AGAIN... Their reality has little feeling... that is why they are so cruel and lustful. They need intense vibrations that stretch accross dimensions... their food... the only other thing they have is annihilation... which is coming.

I made this video last year... when I thought the destruction of the Earth was impossible... well... that changed...

Listen to the Lyrics closely... about a minute in... you hear Jahbulon... as in the WHIRLED GRAIL...

check back... just started. Wanna add to the convo... my email.

FALCON 9 6.4.10

Launched by Space X to deliver the SpaceXDragon to the Space Staion.

You will note the STAGE NAMEs in the link above... MERLIN

With that craft yo have the SirPent, Planet X and the Excalibur wielded by King Arthur PENDragon all rolled into one nice lil SHIP.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crackin the code of MA's Trix

(the following is a theory open for correction and change)

A sword is is located in the SsWARD.

It is Sserpentine in nature. sWARd SWOReD DROWS... as in DARK ELVES. A Sin LORD of the Rings. The DARK ELVES forged the sWARd... As in the Book of Enoch speaking of the fallen angel that taught man to make a SWORD... Thus thay named it after them.

Yippy! Great idea jackoffs!

King Arthur (Prince WillYam) and Excalibur.... the DARK ELF Merlin.

SWORDS are MAterial. There is an energy given to an item of that shape and density. When REVERENCE is made to the MA'atUR. Anti-MA'tUR... Azazel is the name of the FALLEN Angel that came down and taught men how to make swords. Azezel was known as an ancient semitic god of cultivation. Curiously, there is a LWA from the Djouba nanchon named Azaka. So here we have a possible connection between the voodoo spirits and fallen angels.

Therein may lie demonic thought... INTELLIGENT (smart)weapons.... and there is no comPEWtUR.

While you may feel it best to WIELD wheepONs... there are unseen risks.

Maybe "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" means just what it says. Meaning... NO MA'atUR watt!


If that thought bothers you... then just DO NOT kill ANYone... know this and absorb it into your BEEing... Recognize it for what it is... make it a part of you... and the killing will cease to have power any further. The about Shock and Awe? If you know only what the FALLEN know.

They know that they are in some SIRIUS Shiite. The DOG-MA is heading to the DOGhouse... limping... if it can even make it there.

Here you will see the RING of FIRE... as it occurred three days after Haiti QUAKE and one day before BEN CREME announced the MAitreya is IN THE WORLD. It will not occur again for over a THOUSAND years... How convenient that that is how long the MAitreya Statue's standards are...

Freeman casting about the ring... the "O"

"The maximum eclipse time [stretched] to an incredible 11 minutes and 7 seconds, making this eclipse duration the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium," he said.

The VUVUZELA is the horn the dumbass FANUM are blowin... Lil do they know that they are summoning a locust swarm of death and destruction.... By way of horrible storms hittin the Atlantic from Africa...

Commentators have described the sound as "annoying" and compared it with "a stampede of noisy elephants,"[8] "a deafening swarm of locusts,"[9] "a goat on the way to slaughter"[10] and "a giant hive full of very angry bees."[11

Funny how 7-11 is the Finals for the sWhirled cUP.

Solar Eclipse passes over Easter Island on 7.11.10,_2010

Thus, here we see that both the Great Eye... and the good guys.... are one in the same. The ILLuZion of DUAliTy... As if we are caught in watching madness abound.

Refuse to take part in their rituals... RICHjewels.... But they will not. Pity... they will suffer.

6.21 to 7.4 is 13 days.

6.21 is 9 days left in June... Final is on 7-11


Last World Cup started on 9 and ended on 9
This one does so on 11

Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Cup runnith ova...

6/11 to 7/11
First day South Africa 1 Mexico 1
Thus 1-1 is the ONLY scoring for the first day.
Day two England 1 USA 1
Yet another 1-1
This tells me that there SUPERnatural forces at work here.
We are in the bookends June 11 July 11
Illuminati agents start uprising in Kyrgyzstan!
Northern parts of that country has US airbases... This uprising could also have been started by Russia as well... I do not know their level of involvement in the Illuminati.... they could be from another Nanchon of Lwas... Never the less... Evil.
the new ball has 11 in it as well... The new ball was used in Germany 2006 June 9 July 9
9-11 get it?
The ball is constructed using a new design, consisting of eight (down from 14 in the last World Cup) thermally-bonded, three-dimensional panels. These are spherically-moulded from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU). The surface of the ball is textured with grooves, a technology developed by Adidas called GripnGroove[1] that are intended to improve the ball's aerodynamics. The design has received considerable academic input, being developed in partnership with researchers from Loughborough University, United Kingdom.[2]
[edit] Colouring
The ball has four triangular design elements on a white background. Eleven different colors are used, representing the eleven players on a football team, the eleven official languages of South Africa, and the eleven South African communities.[3] The Jabulani Angola, used at the 2010 African Cup of Nations in Angola, was colored to represent the yellow, red, and black of the host nation's flag.[4] For the final to be held in Johannesburg on July 11th, a special match ball will be used with gold panels. The ball will be called the "Jo'bulani," playing off the Johannesburg nickname of "The Golden City."

And the two dates that keep popping up in research are 6-21/22 and 7-4/5.

Woody and Buzz in the ouroboros Opera magazine from March 2010...
here is the Antimatter Interview about it (4parts)

Toy Story 3 comes out on June 18th.. 18+3=21
Then 13 days later it is the 4th of July. I had no idea about Toy Story 3 even coming out. My kids don't watch much TV.

"Great years"
Equinoctial cycle
The Great year, Platonic year, or Equinoctial cycle corresponds to a complete revolution of the equinoxes around the ecliptic. Its length is about 25,700(=5) years, and cannot be determined precisely as the precession speed is variable.
Galactic year
The Galactic year is the time it takes Earth's solar system to revolve once around the galactic center. It comprises roughly 230 (=5)million Earth years.[18]

Are we going through BOTH of these THIS year? This link shows MA and MYA all over it... and as you know... I pay CLOSE attention to MA in the English language. Let me know what ya think.

How strange that a game (colliseum) in which a ball made up of PENTAgrams and HEXAgrams is being kicked while the FANS cheer.... As they did when the Gladiators killed slaves in front of their eyes... and wild animals were made into savages by tearing innocence to pieces.... Some say the first soccer like game was done by kicking a skull around... who knows... Remember the website from last year was found by cracking a HEXAdecimal code...

Where the winner gets a trophy (IDOLatry)

The trophy is OUTSIDE of the Temple. Not a good idea to put so much ATTACHMENT to it.... and really not a good idea to encourage or support it as well. THis is where society is losing the fight. Their TEMPLES are largely Colliseums today. Notice how the trophy looks just like the tower in Astana, Kazakhstan. The tree of life with the Phoenix egg in it. It burns itself up then is reborn out of the ashes.... just like the USA..... or in this case.... the WORLD.

Why do we need to erect Temples? When there is an infinite one inside our hearts?

So here we have the 44 th President... Saints win the 44th SuperBowl... We are in the 111th Congress... 6/11/10=9 7/11/10=10

Still researching... check back regularly... this one is gonna grow...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Storm Surges to the East Coast

Could this be the first HURRICANE of 2010... Alex?
Watch this video forecasting the possibility.... Notice... there is another system behind it and the LOW PRESSURE will createa storm surge...

Hurricane Symbol

notice the 6 and the 9 and the HEXagons?

The toxic gases currently filling the Gulf will eventually slither out into the Atlantic Ocean.... Up the East Coast... As the weather gets hotter more moisture will build in that region.... ESPECIALLY... since the WaTER is GOING to be HOTTER than it's been in THOUSANDS of years... the methane... which is eating the oxygen in the water... IS going to be spread by GIANT Tropical Cyclonic activity... Tropical Storms and their LOW pressure will create HUGE storm surges... The country has been getting DRENCHED for the past year... Thus, the water tables are high. Furthermore, this methane will make it right up to the Arctic Ocean... where it WILL heat the ICE... causing even more runoff and even more water displacement. As you can see in the diagram below... the More solid pollutants will remain largely in the Atlantic... The CorExit9500 "dispersement chemical and methane will evaporate into the atmosphere... Some will rain down and destroy crops and vegetation. And some of the toxic fumes may have chemical reactions with current elements in the atmosphere... add in whatever "chemtrails" are spraying.... and the sky could turn red.

To make things worse... the storm surges that will occur in the USA will mean that most, if not ALL of FLA... will be underwater... It can be expected that the seas may rise anywhere from 1foot to 20feet... within several weeks... months... or years... the false gods know when.

If you live in a dark green area. It would be wise to vacate. The sooner the better... as I mentioned... weeks... months... years... any one of those choices is possible. This is why Denver will be the NEW capitol. But please check all the claims on this site for yourself... FIRST! You MUST research this information for yourself. We NEED to be together on this one and the information MUST be accurate. DO NOT be foolish and shrug this information off. Remember... the red slicks are not OIL... and the "spill" has not stopped... my prediction... it will NOT stop... But don't believe me.... research it yourself...

Mexico will be devistated. There will be a great northern migration... as seen in the murals of the DANver Intl Airport...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Way Out and the PAINting

Below is a letter I wrote to a fellow researcher. Some of my posts are all just that... different letters put together to make a story.

Cool flick.

Sitchin is weird. But I will give him some credit though. He often states that he "is speculating" and that it is their conclusion because of the evidence he has seen. The info he presents could be part right... but the part wrong could very well be a bit misleading. Like the whorganzied re-legions do. Take ya so far then drop ya off at the side of the road. At first I bought it all. But then I began to see through the haze and realize there is no total truth in a book. It is material... thought is pure. Thus, some of the Babel Koran Torah or whatever ya like.... has been tainted with in some way to misdirect. That Genesis quote where it says LET US create man in OUR image..... Seems like they planted themselves right at top of the Old Nick tree... and to me... that would be the negative thought entities... the LWA Nago... Serpent Spirits able to possess the properly calibrated genetic code human... the BLOODLINEs... the Monarchy....

I like your enthusiasm. To me... there are only weeks left until TOTAL hell breaks loose.... Thus, I had a beautiful day with my children. I really felt the soul of life. Once I looked into the abyss... the gulf.... I looked in and said thank you. This material world is a complicated brainfuck to evolved intellect. Reconnecting thru the etherNET... past the agents of the Lwa... and their... jury'sDICKshun. Friggen perverts. Make deals with them and YOU ARE stuck here. But I believe that there is a way to use them to our advantage. Come in the name of the Creator. Do so with an inquisitive tone. COMPLETELY sincere... the oracle can see right into your soul. One MUST seek the Creator. That is the proper translation of SEEK AND YEE SHALL FIND... THIRST AND IT SHALL BE QUENCHED... We are typing SOULful elixirs of life here. The fallen STOPPED believing in the creator and whenever something popped up that was of the Creator... they utilized their knowledge of the CabBALLISTIC sacred numerology. The code of the enigma was held by them. They know how to duck the pendullum as it returns. Thus the cycles of creation and destruction... live a life of war... die.... come back and fight some more. It is a rebellious code. Yahuwshua was one that found a way to directly connect while living.... I believe that when he was Issa... after he fled the Vedics for denouncing their trinity... learned form the Budda... and took it the next step. That's why Buddhism Christianity and the rest of the whores were hijacked and redesigned to keep the sheep in the pen.

Stare at the sun sometimes... Today I was able to look straight at it with no clouds. It did not hurt me. Me and my son were playing catch when it was cloudy. Then the sun came out and I rushed into the shade. My son said that the sun gives us energy... it doesn't hurt. When I went back into the light... I did not feel its radiant heat as before. And the sun wasn't making me squint... It was TOTALLY surreal after that. So much so that I cried a little when we started playing catch again.

There are far greater forces then these Nephilim at work here. I believe the Creator has taken a personal interest in setting things right. Be part of the remnant...

I don't worry as I used to.


Below is a photo of a painting that I won bidding on Ebay several years ago... the winning bid was UNDER .20 cents.... I view it as a map of the USA to come... the foreground showing a flood on the East Coast... then as you get to the other side you can see the lights of HolyWood and destroyed buildings.... Notice... something is coming out of the HEARTland....

You will also notice the rainbow in the sky being represented as a reflection on the Earth. I believe this is the approach of some sort of cosmic energy... a cosmic wave if you will. Could it be a part of the magnetic cloud I mentioned in a previous post... The Arch Angel Mikial (Michael)... perhaps his wing? This would make sense if Mickael defeats the dragon... as is mentioned in Revelations... That could be why the LBT on Mt. Graham... next to the Pope Scope... has a new attachment called Lucifer... if Michael cast him out of our Heliosphere... I suppose he must come here. That would explain the strange lights in the sky and the Norway and Australian spirals... The cosmic wave may very well pass through the etheric as well. Perhaps the etheric first... then the material. Lucifer must know the fight is pointless.... but if you were facing an ass beating of the Creator kind.... well... you would be running and digging tunnels yourself... blowin shit up... causing chaos and confusion.

The good news is that once these fallen... that are falling once again... get there time of destruction... the Angels will then begin appearing in the skies and making their own spirals... of course... their's will be far greater in number and vast in superiority. Sadly, many of the HUE will join and fight with the negative entities. They will be brought to such a depth of despair they will cling to anything that seems to be a life raft... only to find out they grabbed onto an alligator... at times.

Pray to Michael for protection.... Pray to Raphael for health and HAPPINESS... Pray to Uriel to make your heart sing... therein waits your immortal soul... the connection to your HIGHER self.

To me...

all in the name of Yahuwshua... (the one they call Jesus)

That is where I believe the Devil has DECEIVED the ENTIRE World... as mentioned in Revelations. How could the Devil have deceived the entire world when one third of it are so-called CHRISTIANS?

I don't think he can... unless something is wrong or has been manipulated in the scriptures themselves. That statement in Revelations:

And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him. Rev 12:9

That is where I have put my trust into a total strange that I feel has done the research... I have read his position... and agree that the proper name for Jesus... is Yahuwshua...

This matches my other conclusion that NETanYAHU is one of or is the Anti-Christ... actually... he would be an Anti-YAHUwshua... You can also see it within his name...

Syzygy... my numeroligical experience with BiBi

Get it?

here is a link to the researcher I am talking about

Let me know if you find something about THIS subject abit amiss...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GULF "oil spill"?


Thanks to henningkemner of youtube for breaking the news.

B=2 P=16 621!

They may have PURPOSEFULLY pierced a highly TOXIC hydrothermal vein on Hitler's 121st Birthday

{April 20th }

Notices the eruption in the center? Remember... this NEW vent is a mile down.

It will grow slowly at first. But once more of the KRAKEN has been released into the Gulf. ... it will reach out it's tenacles.... and destroy.


Oil Spill...

They located the toxic sludge at the bottom of the gulf years ago using HAARP... They planned this a long long time ago. Puncture it... releases the sludge... pollutes and kills humans and animals.... Created instability in the crust of the Earth... SEE sinkhole in Guatamala June 1st....

66-feet wide and 100-feet deep

The sinkhole occurred in Guatamala City on JUNE 1st! It is located at 14°38′N 90°33′W / The rig was drilling very VERY near... if not ON... 90.33w

The pressure being relieved from the NEW MAN-MADE vent will have worldwide geological effects of biblical proportions. Maybe that seems a bit extreme... But remember... we are NOT dealing with people like you and me.

Gulf "OIL" Spill

looks more like..


Hydrothermal vent
A hydrothermal vent is a fissure in a planet's surface from which geothermally heated water issues. Hydrothermal vents are commonly found near volcanically active places, areas where tectonic plates are moving apart, ocean basins, and hotspots.

Mud Volcano

Mineral-rich muddy water bubbles out of numerous vents in the area of the "salinelle", the mud volcanoes near the town of PaternĂ² at the south base of Etna. Photo taken 13 June 2008

War of Israel and Turkey... ? of WWIII?

That is pretty sick. Yet... right on course for June 21st.... We should know much much more in a week. I would begin to store fresh water... and canned goods... better stock up... not many places to hide on this planned net.

This is a hydrothermal vent. NOTE: the narrator tells you that any variation of toxins can be in a given vent. They just keep spewing. NOT a good idea to create one of these... ESPECIALLY... in the GULF of the fucken WORLD right now!!!

This video explains it as being a volcano... right idea... just need to change the wording a bit to clarify and rebut those that have a tough time comprehending.

This video CLEARLY shows you it HAS been done before! In Indonesia 2006. This video makes a case for a Mud Volcano or Hydrothermal vent.

The LUSI (fer) mud volcano came into being in northeast Java on May 29, 2006, and since its initial eruption it has turned the Sidoarjo region in Porong into a scene of devastation, flooding over seven square kilometers and leading to the evacuation of well over 25,000 people from the villages affected by the unconstrained mud flow.

AntiMatterRadio Newsbreak of discovery

Crops alreadybeing damaged

The time draws near.

{conjecture}The Scripts of UR. This has ALL been planned by the LWA NAGA... Serpent Spirits that are able to possess those with similar genetic code. That is why Kings had lineages... If they are a King or Queen or Prince.... They are perfect canidates for possession. Their INbreeding has caused their minds to go ABSOLUTELY mad. This means that they are OUT OF CONTROL. Perhaps this could be how the demons are exorcised from Earth. Zion... was underground in the MAtrix... wasn't it?

BP Chief Operating Officer..

Doug Suttles

George W. Bush

his daddy

and his NAZI financier daddy...

Prescott Bush

Remember... the rig was blown on Hitler's 121st Bday.... April 20th.

What else would you like to know? Contact some random geologists and see if this post makes sense. DO NOT just trust this post. RESEARCH OT FORYOURSELF BEFORE BELIEVING.

video of fisherman getting sick

video of Congressman SHOWING the evidence of intentionally creating a disaster. Guilt by response.

Dynecorp Pegasus BP Goldman Sachs Connection

If you want to point a finger... you can point it at this BITCH!

And her despotic son... the Dark Prince William... whose 28th Bday is 6/21

don't forget KATla...