Friday, July 2, 2010

Web-Site in the WORKS!

I am currently designing a new web-site for some more in depth presentations. There will also be some NEW videos available for purchase. I have chosen to do this so that SERIOUS researchers can have the tools to battle the deceivers. In addition, it is my hope that some DVDs get sold so that I can spend MORE of my time researching and creating even better presentations.

The first DVD will contain 4 ten minute presentions as well as three of my videos from YouTube. They should cost anywhere from $10 to $12.

I will post a YouTube video announcing when it will be available.

Here is the site.... it is very basic right now but will grow as the weeks go by. It is hosted for free right now because I am pretty much broke. So please don't mind the GoDaddy ad on top.

unMAss-King the MonA LisA...
Tracking the Serpent Tribe... DAN!
UP the Rabbit HOLE
and many more!

Stay well!

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