Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crackin the code of MA's Trix

(the following is a theory open for correction and change)

A sword is is located in the SsWARD.

It is Sserpentine in nature. sWARd SWOReD DROWS... as in DARK ELVES. A Sin LORD of the Rings. The DARK ELVES forged the sWARd... As in the Book of Enoch speaking of the fallen angel that taught man to make a SWORD... Thus thay named it after them.

Yippy! Great idea jackoffs!

King Arthur (Prince WillYam) and Excalibur.... the DARK ELF Merlin.

SWORDS are MAterial. There is an energy given to an item of that shape and density. When REVERENCE is made to the MA'atUR. Anti-MA'tUR... Azazel is the name of the FALLEN Angel that came down and taught men how to make swords. Azezel was known as an ancient semitic god of cultivation. Curiously, there is a LWA from the Djouba nanchon named Azaka. So here we have a possible connection between the voodoo spirits and fallen angels.

Therein may lie demonic thought... INTELLIGENT (smart)weapons.... and there is no comPEWtUR.

While you may feel it best to WIELD wheepONs... there are unseen risks.

Maybe "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" means just what it says. Meaning... NO MA'atUR watt!


If that thought bothers you... then just DO NOT kill ANYone... know this and absorb it into your BEEing... Recognize it for what it is... make it a part of you... and the killing will cease to have power any further. The about Shock and Awe? If you know only what the FALLEN know.

They know that they are in some SIRIUS Shiite. The DOG-MA is heading to the DOGhouse... limping... if it can even make it there.

Here you will see the RING of FIRE... as it occurred three days after Haiti QUAKE and one day before BEN CREME announced the MAitreya is IN THE WORLD. It will not occur again for over a THOUSAND years... How convenient that that is how long the MAitreya Statue's standards are...

Freeman casting about the ring... the "O"

"The maximum eclipse time [stretched] to an incredible 11 minutes and 7 seconds, making this eclipse duration the longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium," he said.

The VUVUZELA is the horn the dumbass FANUM are blowin... Lil do they know that they are summoning a locust swarm of death and destruction.... By way of horrible storms hittin the Atlantic from Africa...

Commentators have described the sound as "annoying" and compared it with "a stampede of noisy elephants,"[8] "a deafening swarm of locusts,"[9] "a goat on the way to slaughter"[10] and "a giant hive full of very angry bees."[11

Funny how 7-11 is the Finals for the sWhirled cUP.

Solar Eclipse passes over Easter Island on 7.11.10,_2010

Thus, here we see that both the Great Eye... and the good guys.... are one in the same. The ILLuZion of DUAliTy... As if we are caught in watching madness abound.

Refuse to take part in their rituals... RICHjewels.... But they will not. Pity... they will suffer.

6.21 to 7.4 is 13 days.

6.21 is 9 days left in June... Final is on 7-11


Last World Cup started on 9 and ended on 9
This one does so on 11

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