Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GULF "oil spill"?


Thanks to henningkemner of youtube for breaking the news.


B=2 P=16 621!

They may have PURPOSEFULLY pierced a highly TOXIC hydrothermal vein on Hitler's 121st Birthday

{April 20th }

Notices the eruption in the center? Remember... this NEW vent is a mile down.

It will grow slowly at first. But once more of the KRAKEN has been released into the Gulf. ... it will reach out it's tenacles.... and destroy.



Oil Spill...

They located the toxic sludge at the bottom of the gulf years ago using HAARP... They planned this a long long time ago. Puncture it... releases the sludge... pollutes and kills humans and animals.... Created instability in the crust of the Earth... SEE sinkhole in Guatamala June 1st....


66-feet wide and 100-feet deep

The sinkhole occurred in Guatamala City on JUNE 1st! It is located at 14°38′N 90°33′W / The rig was drilling very VERY near... if not ON... 90.33w

The pressure being relieved from the NEW MAN-MADE vent will have worldwide geological effects of biblical proportions. Maybe that seems a bit extreme... But remember... we are NOT dealing with people like you and me.

Gulf "OIL" Spill

looks more like..


Hydrothermal vent
A hydrothermal vent is a fissure in a planet's surface from which geothermally heated water issues. Hydrothermal vents are commonly found near volcanically active places, areas where tectonic plates are moving apart, ocean basins, and hotspots.

Mud Volcano

Mineral-rich muddy water bubbles out of numerous vents in the area of the "salinelle", the mud volcanoes near the town of PaternĂ² at the south base of Etna. Photo taken 13 June 2008

War of Israel and Turkey... ? of WWIII?

That is pretty sick. Yet... right on course for June 21st.... We should know much much more in a week. I would begin to store fresh water... and canned goods... better stock up... not many places to hide on this planned net.

This is a hydrothermal vent. NOTE: the narrator tells you that any variation of toxins can be in a given vent. They just keep spewing. NOT a good idea to create one of these... ESPECIALLY... in the GULF of the fucken WORLD right now!!!

This video explains it as being a volcano... right idea... just need to change the wording a bit to clarify and rebut those that have a tough time comprehending.

This video CLEARLY shows you it HAS been done before! In Indonesia 2006. This video makes a case for a Mud Volcano or Hydrothermal vent.

The LUSI (fer) mud volcano came into being in northeast Java on May 29, 2006, and since its initial eruption it has turned the Sidoarjo region in Porong into a scene of devastation, flooding over seven square kilometers and leading to the evacuation of well over 25,000 people from the villages affected by the unconstrained mud flow.

AntiMatterRadio Newsbreak of discovery

Crops alreadybeing damaged


The time draws near.

{conjecture}The Scripts of UR. This has ALL been planned by the LWA NAGA... Serpent Spirits that are able to possess those with similar genetic code. That is why Kings had lineages... If they are a King or Queen or Prince.... They are perfect canidates for possession. Their INbreeding has caused their minds to go ABSOLUTELY mad. This means that they are OUT OF CONTROL. Perhaps this could be how the demons are exorcised from Earth. Zion... was underground in the MAtrix... wasn't it?

BP Chief Operating Officer..

Doug Suttles

George W. Bush

his daddy

and his NAZI financier daddy...

Prescott Bush

Remember... the rig was blown on Hitler's 121st Bday.... April 20th.

What else would you like to know? Contact some random geologists and see if this post makes sense. DO NOT just trust this post. RESEARCH OT FORYOURSELF BEFORE BELIEVING.

video of fisherman getting sick


video of Congressman SHOWING the evidence of intentionally creating a disaster. Guilt by response.

Dynecorp Pegasus BP Goldman Sachs Connection


If you want to point a finger... you can point it at this BITCH!

And her despotic son... the Dark Prince William... whose 28th Bday is 6/21

don't forget KATla...