Monday, May 10, 2010

The Serpent Revealed?

Our Heliosphere is passing through a magnetic cloud that supposedly... SHOULD NOT be there...

Funny thing is... the strongest MAGNET on Earth has an approximate weight of 144. Remember, The 144,000 is the first group to be sealed and protected from what is coming (Rev. 7:3-8). Revelation 14 describes them as those who were "redeemed from the earth" (14:4). John says "they have not defiled themselves" (verse 4). The 144,000 follow the Lamb wherever he goes and "no lie was found in their mouths" (verse 5).

NEOdymium (Like the Matrix' NEO?)

Take a good look at the RIBBON in this pic... NOTICE.... It is GREEN and similar to a SERPENT Ouroboros...

I believe that this cloud is of the divine. It could very well be an ARCH Angel... Like Michael.... ( or )Battling the SERPENT... which is the giant green ribbon in the pic.

Thus, we may very well be having a rapture.... soon.

You may wonder... as I have... If something is being defeated far away... It will most likely retreat... into the LWA Dimensions... as we have here on Earth.

The VATiCAN... has had a telescope on Mt. Graham in AZ for years now. But did you know there is also ANOTHER telescope on that same mountain... of course... this one is just some "ITALIAN" research facility... The LBT... an infrared SPECTROscope.... that has recently been fitted with an item called LUCIFER...

Does anyone find that a bit odd? An ITALIAN telescope associated directly to LUCIFER... on the SaME mountain as the VAT i CAN? Perhaps they know something we do not... or do we now?

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