Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Angellic Realms....

My current research is leading me to review St.Issa... GZeus is a mockery of what the real MAN was and IS. The Lwas are the equivolent to Angels. Both are paths to the Creator. But we have the CHOICE. It is ours to make. I am new into the research... but what I am gathering points to Issa fleeing for his life from the Vedics (Indra)... Issa would tell Deepak Chopra to "sit down kid." The New Agers are trying to meld Issa with Jesus... When that is not true. Ben Creme stated that the MAitreya TOOK OVER the body of "Jesus" (really Issa) for three years. Right up to... but NOT including... his crucifixion. Issa had to feel ALL OF THAT. Then to cover up there tracks... they go right back to what they do best. Manufacture LIES. Issa is an Angel now. So is Michael. They are our friends. ALWAYS there to help you. However, they can only guide from a distance. They are NOT like Lwas. Lwas ARE SERVED... YOU WARk for them... and some are downright awnry.
The difference is... We have souls... Lwas do not... Angels DO! Thus, the LOA are stuck in the LOA dimensions. Misery loves company. One of their biggest lies is DEATH.... No such language in Angelic Realms. YOU need to be located IN a LOA dimension to experience that horror. What a terrible place for SOULS. If they only knew that THEY DO NOT DIE.... things would be different. Given a choice... an Angellic Realm is a far more fun and exciting and wondrous place to be.... Imagine experiencing that after about ONE second ago you thought YOU were gonna die... and WHAMMO! Angellic Realm.
Well... that's the thought process as of right now. It is subject to further review and scrutiny. As the research progresses the story may change a lil bit. But not much. I don't think.
Look up... Romans 6:21
is a wondrous
weapon THEY wield!
A good video about Symbolism
Part 2
Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh 'Elohíym... you decide:

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